Barbenheimer will light the way

July 24, 2023

Barbenheimer will light the way. The other day, we gave you a message saying that term was not accidental because we wanted you to understand that you are not accidental and your life, with all its experiences, matters most now.

We have said your world was restructuring to create an inclusive and sustainable planet, and that can only happen through you. Every soul is born to contribute to the evolvement of your world, and it happens when you love who you have become and decide to do the things you love and honor who you are. That is a choice you each make individually, and your collective choices manifest your world.

Barbie recalled earlier memories when your connection to the divine was more apparent. Over the years, you lose that memory, and so does your world, which was the reason for this restructuring and your participation. 

Oppenheimer caused you to remember that your choices with your technology will have consequences in your life and world depending on your intention. You always have control over those results when you become aware of the intent of your choices, but you often allow fear to stand in the way of deciding to love yourself.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012 that you would do well to embody today and during this week on your planet. We also would like you to hear a live conversation we had with you a year ago, and it will make sense today, especially as you view your global conditions and your weather. 

July 24, 2012

Your indecision about what you desire to do in your physical life experience usually stems from your unwillingness to chart your own course, own who you are, and state that to the world.

When you hold a clear vision of where you desire to go in your life and who you desire to be, indecision does not enter the picture. Of course, at the root of your unwillingness is fear. That fear is of judgment, not being enough, or any other inadequacy you may think you possess. All of that is also untrue, and the process of expansion you desire to experience is about undoing those “untruths.”


Here’s that recording:

“The Full Moon – You can now accept who you have become – a Wilhelm conversation” August 1, 2023, 11:30 AM PST – Please join us!
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