Your ascension causes evolution

July 23, 2023

Your ascension causes evolution. There might have been times in your civilization when you attributed the word or process of ascending to particular beings, but that is not this time in your world, which is why we said you were having a restructuring. We have given you an ascension guide. 

We have done so on certain days to allow your awareness to be open, which comes with your acceptance, as you always possess free will. But the message we gave you on this date in 2012 was perfectly timed for this time in your life and world, depending on your willingness to release the old self that told you what you were up to in your life was insignificant or that the difficulties you might have experienced did not serve some value for collective consciousness. 

When you release your self-judgment, fears, and doubts, you will ascend as you intended and aid your planetary ascension in the same manner.

The message might surprise you with its accuracy in your life and world at this time and in the next several months, but if you decide to do what you love and believe in yourself, the results will be difficult even for you to miss.

July 23, 2012

Whatever it is that you desire to create, manifest, or produce in your physical life experience, always shows up eventually. 

Eventually is the operative word here, for it implies that, in some instances, that may be a period of time or your linear years. It shows up when you have diligently kept your focused attention in the direction of those goals.

The purpose of the process itself is for you to own and recognize your own ability to create. It matters not what that particular thing is, for at times, it may be pleasurable or discomforting for you, but the end result is that you created it through your efforts. 

Holding on to the idea of eventually develops your faith, which produces those results.


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