Barbenheimer wasn’t accidental, either

July 22, 2023

Barbenheimer wasn’t accidental, either. We decided to use references to your entertainment today so you might witness more of your brilliance. The name’s creation also seemed random when someone combined the titles of two eagerly awaited films to be released on the same day, which was also not accidental. You all possess that creativity.

The friction behind creating the films and their history also seemed accidental. The failed attempt at reconciliation is also a worthy reflection. This time in your world with all the current conditions is only incidental if you believe you are. Deep thinking will bring awareness. 

Both creators had vision and foresight before they had awareness and could never have known their accidental debuts would have such a profound impact on your world and society. You can never know that for yourself if you continue to think you were an accident. 

The message we gave you on this day in 2012 will be accidental if you believe you could never achieve your dreams. We said we had given you an ascension guide, and nothing we have provided you for decades in this manner has been random. 

We always wanted to lead you to euphoria because it would mean you have come to love yourself and others. You still have work. 

July 22, 2012

You can experience a state of euphoria when you create what you desire with no regard for expected results.

When you hold your ideas of what results you might receive from your efforts, you will either place limitations on them or project the exact opposite of what you desire and create that instead.

This will make more sense when you attempt to hold an expected result of what you desire and notice that the unwanted result will also come into your consciousness. 

When you hold no expectations, you experience joy, happiness, and access to all your abilities and talents, which is that state of euphoria. It is possible to continue that state with practice and persistence.


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