The change was necessary

July 19, 2023

The change was necessary. We are giving you information today to explain the recent changes in your life and world. They are the ones we have called your restructuring, and they will all have the most significant effect on you and your world when the change you make is to recognize and own your importance and love who you have become.

You always have free will while in physical form, so the choices you make in your thinking will manifest results in your life, and those are the collective thoughts, feelings, and beliefs your world will manifest.

We gave you a message on this date last year, for we knew where you would be today. When you examine the events in your world over the next several months, especially those in the United States, you will understand why the only change we wanted you to make was to have less fear and doubt about who you are becoming and love yourself even more. Then you will all be fine.

July 19, 2022

You are the change you wanted to see. Please consider those words for a moment as they pertain to you.

Your world is moving through a massive restructuring. You exist to aid that movement through your willingness to move through your evolutionary journey so you might accomplish something your relatives and ancestors did not.

What you have before you now is your contribution, but it also means you must move beyond your doubt to accept something about yourself and your world that you couldn’t before. This moment in history is when you intend to complete your task, which is your contribution.

The only job you have that you sometimes consider a task is to become yourself. You will understand the significance of your existence in the world now, but you must first acknowledge your importance to yourself. Self-acceptance was your only desire, and that act will cause your life and world to expand as you wanted exponentially.

– Wilhelm

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