You will awaken

July 20, 2023

You will awaken. You will accomplish that as you remember who you are. You will remember that you are an eternal spiritual being who chose to have a physical life experience on your planet at this time so you could shine and offer your gifts and essence to the world to aid in your planetary ascension.

You will remember how powerful you are as all power exists in your consciousness that you continually raise as you move through your life, depending on your choices. You chose to be alive during this significant transition in your world because you will awaken when you decide to love who you are and reinterpret everything you think about yourself and your world. 

As you examine your life and world today, please consider the message we provided on this date in 2012. We knew it would aid you the most, but it is up to you to utilize it and to live your best life. 

July 20, 2012

Any tragedy, as you might call it, that you experience personally or observe in your world can cause you to live more. 

All events that occur have meaning and also carry a duality, if you will. When you first remember that all events are of a physical nature and occur for you and in your world, as merely a tool for you to utilize to further your spiritual development or expansion, you gain a different perspective. 

Since tragedies are all physical, they are also illusions or not real. As you move to heightened states of awareness, when you experience or observe so-called tragedies, you will instantly look for your own value to be gained from them. The ultimate result is that you always choose love over fear.


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