Ultimate truth sets you free

July 18, 2023

Ultimate truth sets you free. We thought we might begin with that title, but you will note it is the same concept we have referred to as ultimate reality, for they are essentially the same. 

Not every soul will experience that ultimate truth in physical form or third-dimensional existence, but they realize it when they die or leave physical existence. We have given you information so you might experience it now, for if you do, you will ascend to your higher understanding and aid your planet in that process, for you and your world are one. Another concept that becomes clear when you attain a higher state of awareness.

That is the physical process every soul experiences, and you do so using linear time, so we have given you our messages on specific calendar dates as we are doing today. The message will be lengthy, but if you take the time to absorb its wisdom, you will be shifted to a higher awareness today.

July 18, 2022

Please accept your gift. That gift is you; it is every part of you, and it is why you are alive now. And it is how your life and world will change.

We would like you to study that paragraph, for it is and always has been the intention of our work. We knew you would be moving through a significant restructuring, and the guidance we offered was to help you navigate this period with greater ease. But it first must be accepted by you.

You have had guidance your entire life, but you don’t always listen or believe what you hear, which is also valid for Roger. We urged him to create a presentation where individuals could access the information about our work when convenient for them. You live in a society where you are in a rush, always seeking the next thing to fix your life and never noticing that it is right in front of you.

Roger wrote an outline a few days ago and decided to record some of the videos yesterday. It is called “How to become your authentic self,” our work’s goal. When he reviewed them last night, he was in a state of shock. He didn’t recognize himself and wondered how that knowledge and wisdom came through. He didn’t believe our work had done that for him, which was what we wanted for you all. We said self-discovery could be frightening.

Then we told him to search for a message on this date, for we have been playing around with dates to lessen your disbelief in our work and yourself. 

We told Roger we want him to change the price and take it to a larger audience now that he knows what he has to offer, which is the same for you. Your world will change when more of you recognize that and decide to own who you are. We want you to understand the importance of accepting more of your worth and value, as it will help balance your world’s wealth and income inequality.

Roger searched through several years until he found the one we wanted, and we will leave it below, for he always knows just as you know what you are meant to do, and that is to accept your gift of yourself, and we will continue to help. You will be fine.

July 18, 2013

You always know what to do so that your physical life experience might move toward your highest good and expansion, but at times, you choose not to see it, become unwilling to do it, or pretend it is not in your awareness. You can think of that statement as what you might term a “reality check.”

You choose not to take those often apparent steps because of your fear. The fear is typically based on the subtle knowledge you need to make changes. Those changes will require you to move into something unknown and raise your long-established fear of the unknown.

Expansion then always involves moving beyond the fear and becoming willing to make the changes. Again, you always know.

– Wilhelm

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