Self-love is the journey and destination

July 9, 2023

Self-love is the journey and destination. Today we are giving you a message that will require a shift in your perspective or mindset, but once you make it, you will be further on your path to the love you have sought.

Every soul decides when they will incarnate into physical form, and they choose the time, place, and circumstances currently existing on your planet. They make that choice because they know those conditions offer them the best opportunity to evolve on their evolutionary path, and it is the same one that the planet is taking at the time of their birth.

Then every soul will walk their journey and encounter everything they planned for themselves previously, and they will move further to the goal of self-love with every choice they make in each moment of now. 

There are only two choices any soul has: love or fear. You choose fear when you think your path is not worthy, you are not enough, or are insignificant in some way. Or you will choose love, which means you know there is more ability, power, and talent within you to bring forth, and then you find your alignment with the universe, and everything you have desired will begin to manifest or continue to do so. 

No soul chooses anything they cannot achieve. You chose this time of restructuring in your world because you knew that if you chose to love yourself in more situations and circumstances, your life would be what you wanted. You then contribute to the current planetary ascension, and you will reach the destination you set for yourself of self-love, and we have been the guides so that you could guide yourself. 

In an eventual lifetime, you all come to understand you are one, but that will occur by what you choose now.


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