The present is before you

July 10, 2023

The present is before you. We are giving you a message that will be a brain teaser. Most of our messages are that it is the only way you stimulate your consciousness and raise your awareness which typically requires using your linear time. That is why we have given you messages that speak on the same subject years apart. You always hear us, or yourself, eventually. 

When we said the present, we meant this moment of now but also what you would consider a present or a gift for your life and world. And when we said before you, it means the next step you will take at this moment is to love what you have become and what you can accomplish now, as you can only create your future in the way you use your thinking of yourself and others.

You will never accomplish your goal, and neither will your world if you continue to blame one another for the conditions of your lives and that of your world, for they are the same.

Please put this message together with the one we gave in 2012, and your thinking will be further stimulated, and you will be on the way to further manifesting the life and world you want. 

July 10, 2012

If you create your own reality and guide and direct your physical life experience, then you relinquish that ability anytime you use blame. 

Blame is typically directed at something outside of you that you believe has caused something to occur in your life. It is your attempt not to accept ultimate responsibility for your experience.

Even blame that you might place on yourself is misguided, for when you do so, you are affirming that something has gone “wrong” with one of your experiences. You will block receiving the information available for you in every experience. Seek to know the solution rather than settling for blame.


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