No one is more powerful than you

July 8, 2023

No one is more powerful than you. And you are no more powerful than anyone else. That is the awareness you are attempting to awaken to, and it is the same one your planet wants to achieve now. The achievement of that goal can only come through you.

Power is a state of mind or consciousness, for that is the only place it exists, and the only way you manifest the life you want is to access your power through continually raising your awareness. Every message we have ever given was to that end. 

Every human comes to the physical plane at a time when it would serve their evolution and that of the world. You are each given something to develop that would allow you to access and utilize your personal power, and it is always contained within your life journey. It will never resemble another, which is why most humans have difficulty accessing and owning their power because they are comparing themselves to others or holding on to old beliefs, judgments, and ideas that will not serve the new world you will manifest.

There is no soul on the planet now who is not participating in restructuring your world because you all hold equal power and abilities. Your goal is to access and own yours, so we have given you an ascension guide. You are moving to the highest version of yourself, which will manifest your life experience and transform your world. It will never include any form of judgment, hatred, anger, or war against yourself or others.

No human holds more power than another, for you are connected to and a part of the source, God, or whatever greater presence you consider to exist. The more you love yourself and remember who you are, the more power you will access and use to manifest the life and world your want. It is a gradual process for you and your world, but you will be fine. 


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