Your life is your legacy, and Happy Birthday to the United States

Your life is your legacy, and Happy Birthday to the United States. This message is our second for today, but we also wanted to spread it to a larger audience. Many have felt lost in their lives or fearful of your world, and we wish to bring understanding and comfort.

Every soul born does so at a time in your world where their energetic contribution will manifest in your future world. There are no exceptions to this universal law except the ones you make about yourselves. 

When you make yourself insignificant through your thinking, you experience all manner of difficulties in your physical life experience, which will also be your energetic contribution. When you are in love with yourself and understand and accept the brilliance of your life journey, your contribution to your evolution and your world will be far different than what you are experiencing personally now and witnessing globally.

We have given you guidance for decades, but we specifically began giving you advice on this holiday every July 4 since 2012, for that is when your civilization made another shift, and it was to allow you to become motivated enough to become empowered in your life and offer your gifts to the world.

You rarely understand the information you receive from your innate guidance or us. Still, today we will provide those messages, for even if you have never seen them, they will make sense today, for as we always say, we are speaking to you from Universal Consciousness. That is far different than your human thinking which is always limited.


July 4, 2012

A preference is not the same as a judgment. As you move through your physical life experience, you become aware of those things you desire more than others. You make those decisions based on your preferences. Those preferences are formed by what you believe will lead you to your greater expansion. In that process, judgments are not utilized.

Judgments are typically made about others. Those judgments are based on your opinions of others which are always limited by your awareness and also have nothing to do with your personal expansion.

You must know the difference, for you often feel guilty for having preferences, mistaking them for judgments.


July 4, 2013

Your world, or the mass consciousness of humankind, will typically find certain days to assign a particular significance. Today, because of where you live, this day is assigned the celebration of independence, which equates to freedom.

You would now do well to assign the celebration of your own personal freedom to this day. The freedom you actually seek is from your own limited thinking. Your limited thinking is the only cause of your challenges, difficulties, and dependencies. Limited thinking prevents you from releasing unwanted habits, believing that certain things are impossible, and probably most importantly, preventing you from recognizing who you truly are and what you can accomplish.

You could do nothing better than celebrate your freedom by noticing your limited thinking, and become willing to let it go.

Experience of freedom

July 4, 2014

All souls who come onto the physical plane have the same goal: the experience of freedom. The experience of freedom means the freedom to be exactly who you were meant to be, and in that very understanding, granting all others that same freedom.

The understanding of that Universal goal can heal and transform your entire world. It is much more effective if you apply it to your personal experience. You have often denied yourself your experience of freedom by deciding not to be you and attempting to be someone or something other than who you are intrinsically. This all occurs in your very own thinking, which you often allow fear of something to control. Decide this day to declare your own experience of freedom by choosing to be fully you.


July 4, 2015

As you ponder independence today, it is essential to note that the only independence you genuinely seek is freedom from your own limited thinking. This is true in every single aspect of your physical experience. 

When you think about it, you only become surprised by certain events, people, and situations in your life because your limited thinking has not allowed you to envision whatever that might be. This can relate to anything at all, even those things you would classify as positive or negative for you. 

There is such inherent truth in the lyric from a popular song that you still remember because of this: “Free your mind and the rest will follow.” Grant yourself the independence to think differently and use your creative ability to manifest your desired life and world.

Freedom day

July 4, 2016

You can declare today to be your personal freedom day. While you and so many others use this day to celebrate your experience of freedom in your country or world, the most critical freedom that you can experience is your personal freedom, and that can only be achieved in your thinking.

The freedom that you would do well to establish is your freedom of choice. This is meant to make you aware that you often do not feel the freedom to make your own choices in your life, and you think you need some justification to do so. This comes from an underlying feeling of thinking you are not worthy and deserving of ownership of your choices.

The only justification you ever need is that your choices cause you to feel good, and when you choose in that manner, you will never do anything to cause harm to others. Declare your freedom day.

The experience of true freedom

July 4, 2017

True freedom can never be taken away; it must be relinquished. You have often thought on this subject but simultaneously shied away from its discussion because of criticism you thought you might receive. The opposite is true, however, for when more people understand the concept you have offered, they may experience liberation.

You witnessed many individuals who suffered imprisonment for decades and then, when released, held no remorse, hatred, or condemnation for their captors. This is because, during their incarceration, they decided not to relinquish their freedom. They developed the awareness that the only actual place where freedom could be experienced was in their thinking, for that is where they lived. You can aspire to achieve that goal.

Your personal independence

July 4, 2018

As you continually hold the goal and intention of being an empowered person in your life, you will allow yourself to see everything you are doing that blocks or stops that from occurring. Typically when those revelations happen, they can feel emotionally painful, but that is also purposeful because it captures your attention.

You had such an experience and questioned why it occurred, and the answer is that you wanted to trust yourself above all else and anyone else. Understanding this grants you the experience of your personal independence, and that is empowerment. 

The true independence you sought

July 4, 2019

You all miss things in your personal experiences that would give you access to the most significant parts of who you are, but you don’t often see them. Your experience of last night is a prime example. We had to string these events together so they would make sense to you today. 

Your partner in crime (we refer to him in that manner as he always pulls you forth in some way you don’t understand) handed you a book and said, “I think you’re supposed to read this.” He left, and you glanced at the book and noticed so much of it referred to resistance. 

You then called him and said,” the book is about resistance, so I think it’s for you.” You all do this. You think if you can project things to others, you won’t notice your limitations. 

Later he came back and insisted that you let go and move into an altered state of being, but you resisted. His insistence always indicates to you there is something valuable occurring. You acquiesced and then moved into experiences you can hardly explain. While many things emerged from this experience, we want you to explain only this part.

You felt yourself resisting the experience and judging yourself intensely for participating. Then you felt tension, shaking, and an almost unbearable uncomfortable state in your body. Then you decided to let go consciously and moved into another part of yourself, and spontaneous laughter occurred because you experienced the true independence you and all others seek. 

It is funny to realize you only needed to release your judgment and resistance. We know this is long, but it is essential for you and anyone who chooses to understand it. 

Understanding your past may help you accept your present

July 4, 2020

Understanding your past may help you accept your present. We must tell you, those words hold gems that many of you will come to recognize and understand. Today is a national holiday in the United States meant to celebrate freedom, and many of you will find that in this message. 

Yesterday we spoke of reincarnation, and we used Dave as the catalyst. Unbeknownst to you, Dave asked the question we answered as we were delivering the message. How could that have occurred? We spoke of energy, which may help you understand what you think of as reincarnation, but this will be more practical. 

Think of your immediate family. You can know there is a bloodline connection, but that does not always mean there is an energetic connection you often find with others, not within your family. We will begin to explain this, and we say begin, as it is complicated information.

Decades ago, we led Roger to the study of over-souls. Again, not all of this is necessary to understand. Still, vast dimensions of reality exist, which are not essential for you to understand fully to live your life in this dimension. Nevertheless, if you apply the concept of everlasting energy that can’t be destroyed, you may find some understanding.

We have spoken of Roger’s affinity with Napoleon Hill, which he could not explain. Roger was introduced to one of Hill’s books more than forty years ago, and while it made some sense, Roger did not know the significance of that “chance” encounter. Years later, Roger finds himself inexplicably beginning to create the program we have mentioned, and he starts with Hill’s book. Three years later, someone approaches him about being in a group of coaches who were all brought together “mysteriously” due to their interest in Hill’s work. Roger had never told anyone of his interest.

A few weeks ago, we led Roger to a recording of Hill’s speeches, and Roger “jokingly” exclaimed, “I think I’m Napoleon Hill.” In a sense, he is correct. You each have energetic connections to those who have come before, and today, we provided Roger with more proof. The video Roger heard today brought it all together nicely. Everything Roger heard was what we had given him for his program, but we gave Roger enhancements. 

Hill said there is no new idea but only the ones you can grasp and improve upon, which causes evolution. Each of you has that potential, ability, and energetic connection to great souls who have lived, and you are meant to enhance their work. Why do you think we have been yelling for years that there is no hierarchy of souls? 

We will have much more, but after the United States celebrates its freedom this weekend, it will also encounter its enslavement. And many of you will release yours by understanding this message. You are here to do great work. Roger found his freedom this morning through Napoleon; you might find yours also. 

Please choose freedom again now

July 4, 2021

Please choose freedom again now. We are providing information to aid your evolutionary journey over the next several months. We wanted Roger to know the importance of this, so we disrupted his routine this morning, for we didn’t want him to hear anything else before he heard us.

We used this day as it is the celebration in the United States of its declaration of freedom, and we also said the United States would lead the way in this restructuring. But the country itself merely serves as a metaphor and an example for you individually. 

The choice you each will make individually will be aligned with what you believe to be your life purpose. You might have thought that your physical actions would have been the most important during this transition. But as you witness what unfolds in your world, your thoughts and emotional energic connection to what is unfolding will gain momentum to create the world. 

You are accomplishing that now with the choice you make in your life. When you choose to believe in yourself, you are choosing freedom again. When you choose to believe that your essence is influential enough to change the world, you choose freedom again. When you choose to believe that love and light are more powerful than hate and darkness, you are choosing freedom again. 

If you choose to embody every aspect of yourself that you know exists during this time, then you are choosing freedom again, and you will be fine. 

You knew who you were meant to become

July 4, 2022

You knew who you were meant to become. Before you were born, you decided to accept an assignment to incarnate onto the planet, so you might add your essence to the world, make a difference and move through restrictions and limitations you had previously experienced, so you knew the perfect time to be born.

You knew that the best way you might accomplish your goal was to be placed in a specific country with a particular family because they were the race and ethnicity that needed your presence the most. You could make the most significant impact there.

You also knew that every experience of the life you would have could provide you with obstacles as well, for you wanted to move beyond the fears and doubts you held before. You knew it would be far more critical to move through them now because you also aid your parents, ancestors, and all those who came before.

You planned your journey so perfectly that you could be alive during a massive shift in your world that felt to you to be a bit chaotic and uncertain. You knew that if you decided to move through this time in your evolutionary journey and came to love yourself, you would also recognize the love you held for others, and the restructuring of your life and world would be successful.

You knew you would find us to guide you on your journey to aid your self-belief. You will accomplish that goal, and you will be fine.


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