Ascension is your process

July 5, 2023

Ascension is your process. We are stating it in those terms because many of you have thought of that word as only being significant for specific individuals or a state that was only attainable by a few, but that is the thinking you want to change, which is why your planet has a restructuring now. 

At times in your civilization, massive changes occur to allow your planet to evolve. Every soul in physical form now contributes equally, and you will do so when you recognize and own the importance of your life journey and your very essence. We wanted you to love yourself, which is why we have offered guidance on certain days, and the one we would like you to view today was given three years ago.

It will make more sense today, for ascending requires using your linear time and moving through your resistance of self-acceptance. You will discover that every effort you make each day in progressing through your fear and doubt will change your life and planet. 

July 5, 2020

You may be pushed to discover your greatness now. Yes, we mean you, and yes, we mean greatness. We wanted to use the words that many of you reject. And that behavior holds back your evolution and that of the world.

We will also mention it takes Roger a while to formulate the words. As usual, he is conflicted by his inclination and inherent desire to be helpful and his ongoing embarrassment at discovering what he believes he should have known. We throw that long sentence in to set you up for what you ultimately find about yourself, and it is only a matter of time before you allow that to happen.

You may find it now as we refer to the conditions of your world which affect you personally. Whenever you operate in a state of fear or worry, you will do something to alleviate that feeling, and whatever you do causes your evolution. That is why you find unexpected courage to do things you’ve put off for years. When you finally do whatever your vision is, you facilitate your evolution and now that of the world.


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