This message could change your life and the planet

July 4, 2023

This message could change your life and the planet. It all depends on how much you are willing to accept and love yourself, for you will accomplish both goals in the same manner. You manifest your life and the world energetically; the most powerful energy is love. You have that ability but don’t always utilize it, but today would be a great day to do more. 

We gave you the message in 2020, but it will make more sense to you today. It was not accidental that we planned it for the 4th of July celebration in the United States, for we have always said they would lead the way in this restructuring and the entire planet will follow suit.

The message is lengthy, and our messenger wanted us to edit it because we used his name too much. We want all of you to use your names a lot so you might accept your importance at this pivotal time on your planet and in your life. You have the time to read the entire message. 

Everything we have given you was to encourage you to move beyond your fear and doubt so you finally love yourself. That is how your life and planet will change. 

July 4, 2020

Understanding your past may help you accept your present. We must tell you, those words hold gems that many of you will come to recognize and understand. Today is a national holiday in the United States meant to celebrate freedom, and many of you will find that in this message. 

Yesterday we spoke of reincarnation, and we used Dave as the catalyst. Unbeknownst to you, Dave asked the question we answered as we were delivering the message. How could that have occurred? We spoke of energy, which may help you understand what you think of as reincarnation, but this will be more practical. 

Think of your immediate family. You can know there is a bloodline connection, but that does not always mean there is an energetic connection you often find with others, not within your family. We will begin to explain this, as it is complicated information.

Decades ago, we led Roger to the study of over-souls. Again, not all of this is necessary to understand. Still, vast dimensions of reality exist, which are not essential for you to understand fully to live your life in this dimension. Nevertheless, if you apply the concept of everlasting energy that can’t be destroyed, you may find some understanding.

We have spoken of Roger’s affinity with Napoleon Hill, which he could not explain. Roger was introduced to one of Hill’s books more than forty years ago, and while it made some sense, Roger did not know the significance of that “chance” encounter. Years later, Roger finds himself inexplicably beginning to create the program we have mentioned, and he started with Hill’s book. Three years later, someone approaches him about being in a group of coaches who were all brought together “mysteriously” due to their interest in Hill’s work. Roger had never told anyone of his interest.

A few weeks ago, we led Roger to a recording of Hill’s speeches, and Roger “jokingly” exclaimed, “I think I’m Napoleon Hill.” In a sense, he is correct. You each have energetic connections to those who have come before, and today, we provided Roger with more proof. The video Roger heard today brought it all together nicely. Everything Roger heard was what we had given him for his program, but we gave Roger enhancements. 

Hill said there is no new idea but only one you can grasp and improve upon, which causes evolution. Each of you has that potential, ability, and energetic connection to great souls who have lived, and you are meant to enhance their work. Why do you think we have been yelling for years that there is no hierarchy of souls? 

We will have much more, but after the United States celebrates its freedom this weekend, it will also encounter its enslavement. And many of you will release yours by understanding this message. You are here to do great work. Roger found his freedom this morning through Napoleon; you might find yours also. 


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One thought on “This message could change your life and the planet

  1. The way you keep writing, smiling and sharing…breaking down the inexplicable to simple…staggers me.
    I find way too many threads and get lost in them….and although I get it… (in a gentle non-complicated way…when I am being ‘gentle and uncomplicated ‘ the ineffable connectedness)…I cannot begin to imagine how you do it so seamlessly… gosh

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