Fairytales are real

July 3, 2023

Fairytales are real. Many of you were told fairytales when you were younger, and they always involved some difficulty or tragedy, but then there is always a happy ending. The happy ending usually occurs when you receive the gift of whatever you seek, the handsome prince comes to save the day, the sleeping princess awakens, or you find your way home, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Fairytales were created to alert you at a young age to the ability you hold within to create a happy ending in your life, and you accomplish that with your mindset, consciousness, and the perceptions you choose to hold. 

We held a live conversation with you yesterday titled “You have never been alone” because you have always had guidance from a higher source to help guide you in your life and your planet in its ascension. We cause you to hear that guidance which is your intuition.

We have said you were moving through a restructuring, and we began in 2012, guiding you and often on particular days. Today is significant, for we knew where you might be in your life and how you may be tempted to view your world, but we wanted you to finally accept how important, essential, and powerful you are to create the life and world you want, and it exists within you.

As you read every message we provided on this date until the premiere today of our talk, you will feel far more empowered, and your goal of self-actualization will be enhanced. 


July 3, 2012

Benefit exists for you in all events. All events mean what occurs in your personal experience and all events of your world. You benefit from all of them just as all other souls because you are all one and therefore connected.

What may happen to you that you would term a tragedy will provide hope and inspiration for another, and vice versa. What you observe as a disaster in another part of your world that you believe does not affect you does cause you to experience some form of empathy or compassion, and therefore you benefit.

You could do nothing better than to seek to know, own, feel, and experience the benefits of all events.


July 3, 2013

You are constantly receiving motivation to become more or expand. You do not have to see or accept that motivation, but it is always there. At times the inspiration will appear in terms of your emotions. You may become angry about something, motivating you to make changes. Certain events or situations occur that are unpleasant for you, and you are encouraged to make changes. Even your periods of unhappiness can be a source of motivation when you see them that way.

The point is that you set out on this physical life journey to expand, and you set up little reminders along the way, which can be seen as motivators, to help you remember what you are up to. The choice is always up to you what you decide to do with them.

Opinions of others

July 3, 2014

The opinions of others can be either a help or hindrance to your expansion, depending on how you choose to use them. Sometimes, you attract those opinions because they reflect certain ideas and beliefs you hold about yourself that you may want to change or even acknowledge and be proud of because they had previously escaped your awareness.

There are other times when those opinions are merely projections from those others of their own beliefs and ideas, which have nothing to do with you, and in those instances, it helps your expansion when you do not let them deter you from your own journey. Regardless, you can always decide how to use the opinions of others to further your expansion when you choose to.

And then it changes

July 3, 2015

You will experience periods during your physical life experience where you feel as if you are stuck, so to speak. You find it difficult to find or maintain any particular impetus or momentum to do much at all, and then it changes.

It changes because you were simply in what could be considered an incubation period, and it was beneficial because it allowed you to assess and appreciate your gifts and talents. Now it all changes because you are ready to use them.

When you examine your past, you will notice many of those periods, and you did always emerge as a new, revitalized being. This is all the process of expansion and evolving and does not need to be feared but actually appreciated.

Design your life

July 3, 2016

Decide today to design your life precisely in the same manner you manifested your car many years ago. Using an event in your history to illustrate this point is helpful.

A new car was released, which appealed to every aspect of your being. At the time, you held no employment or personal savings that would have allowed you to purchase the car, yet you held in your thoughts the assuredness that one day you would be driving that car. 

You had no conscious awareness of how you would accomplish this, but lo and behold, two years later, you had that car.

You can now decide to design your life precisely this way, and you do that all the time, just not deliberately and consciously.


July 3, 2017

You have been attempting to develop and experience self-reliance for quite a while. Your difficulty is not knowing that the only opinion that matters in your life is yours. 

As you study those two sentences together, you will discover your path to freedom and the real seat of power in your life.

Any opinion is only based on a particular feeling that someone holds and is not rooted in any fact. You form an opinion based on how you feel when you observe, experience, or think of anything. You desire to feel good, so when you have an opinion that causes you to feel good and know it is your opinion, you are experiencing, developing, and utilizing your self-reliance. That is the experience of ultimate power. This will require much study and practice on your part now.

The key to life

July 3, 2018

Please relate your story as clearly as possible, for it will not only further your understanding but also aid all others who choose to receive the wisdom from your experience. 

You were sitting with an idea of a condition you desired to occur. You decided to close your eyes for a few moments and went into almost a meditative state, but it was one where you were not holding any apparent thought. Then you opened your eyes, and the desired condition manifested. 

The incident itself shocked you, and then you instantly noticed your questioning of what had occurred. “Did I do this, or was it just a coincidence?”, When you answer that question, you have the key to life.

Change your mind

July 3, 2019

Change your mind. Roger kept hearing those words this morning and dismissed them as being far too simplistic or trite to be taken seriously and thought there must be so much more to living successfully than that. 

You all have your own Wilhelm’s that you, as Roger, alternatively listen to and ignore or block. Roger has volunteered, as he thinks of it, to use his experiences to aid others in their evolution. He has communicated with us in this conscious manner since 1988 and still doubts the communications until the evidence becomes irrefutable, as it has now. 

Yesterday, he had thought to take action, of course, urged by us, and this morning, he saw how that act was now manifesting what he wanted. He had thought of a change in his home and did not know how it would occur, and now he is watching it happen. Yesterday in a conversation with a friend, he exclaimed a comment which surprised him and his friend, to which his friend asked, “Was that Wilhelm?” And he said yes.

You all can experience this if you change your mind. 

A message to Dave

July 3, 2020

A message to Dave. We are so proud of ourselves, for we got more of you to read this message to discover who Dave might be. He is you. Now we will tell you the story to explain, and we are doing it in this manner to aid Dave, for he, like most of you, has carried questions you cannot answer, and you wonder why we can.

Yesterday Dave sent Roger a question about reincarnation. He wanted to know why we used so many references, especially in our message yesterday, telling you all you would be fine. How do we know? First of all, it will be helpful to make some distinctions. We are not Roger, as Roger never believed in us, reincarnation, or that anything we might have given him was valid. We had danced this jig for decades, as most of you have, but Dave questioned it. We could not offer enough understanding to suffice in one message, but this next little part will help.

Roger finds it challenging to find the words to explain this, as most of you believe in linear time, as he did. We rarely use the word reincarnation, for it furthers your belief in the illusion of time. All is occurring now. After studying the likes of Einstein, Newton, and Tesla, Roger only permitted himself to move beyond that limited consciousness. 

Roger, like you, doesn’t fully trust what he hears, so validation from another helps, which is why Dave asked the question. Dave, your natural inclination to help and be of service is your inherent benevolent nature, which you have questioned. You are on the right path.

We will not make this a book, but understand Roger’s acceptance is still occurring like it is with you all! Think of consciousness as ever-expanding, and you only come to understand a bit at a time, but the more you do it, the better you get. That is our simple explanation of reincarnation we will give you now, but you and the world are doing that now. 

Your past experiences of doubt will prove to be more helpful now

July 3, 2021

Your past experiences of doubt will prove to be more helpful now. If you are reading this message, it is meant for you. Every soul is born at a time that best facilitates their evolvement and that of your world. We have often said those words to Roger, but they are making more sense to him due to this current restructuring, and they will make sense for you.

This morning Roger was listening to a video and heard the word plan. That triggered a memory that prompted him to search our messages for that word, and he could see we have used it numerous times over the decades. It is sometimes necessary to let go of some of your humanly created plans to ascend to the person you desire to be in this lifetime.

Roger knows we are giving him some information that we will build upon when we speak next Sunday, but please understand that each of you is here at a pivotal time in your world’s evolvement, and your role is essential, but you may have spent centuries doubting that. Again, something we will explain later because it requires us to move beyond your understanding of time, for you believe it is only linear, which it is not.

We began telling you more than a year ago that your world was moving through a massive restructuring and the United States would lead the way. Roger doubted those words, but you will have more evidence of that in the coming week, which is why we planned our talk for next Sunday, as you will have a better understanding of your essential role in the evolvement of all that is, and you will be fine.

One final word. As we continue to move Roger beyond his doubt, his example will aid you, and you will benefit all those who come after you and your ancestors will be proud. 

Become willing 

July 3, 2022

Become willing to guide and live the physical life experience you always desired.

When you become willing, you allow yourself to acknowledge and let go of the barriers and blockages you have put up that prevent you from experiencing that life.

When you become willing, you acknowledge and let go of all the thoughts, actions, and behaviors you know are keeping you from that life experience.

When you become willing, you recognize that only you can make those choices.

When you become willing, you give yourself access to all the talents and abilities that are inherently yours, which you have previously not acknowledged, owned, and utilized.


Now when you listen to the recording of our live session held on July 2, 2023, there will be no mistaking our intention or yours. We love you.


The session will premiere today at 2 PM Pacific Time. You can watch it live on the YouTube channel here: ➤ You Have Never Been Alone – A Wilhelm Conversation

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