You hold one fear

June 23, 2023

You hold one fear. You might have believed you were plagued by many, but it is only one, and it is the same one most on the physical plane experience, and it is never what you have done or the mistakes you think you might have made. That one fear is who you can become.

It never matters when you come to that realization, for you continually become more or evolve. You chose to be alive now to move beyond your false fears so you can live your desired life and contribute to your world, for every soul does so when they begin to honor their authentic self and bring their wisdom and knowledge to the world. It has only been your interpretation of your particular fears that have held back your progress and that of your world.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012, and as you study it now and apply it to your life and world, you will come to appreciate your importance and why moving beyond your imaginary fears will do wonders for your life and planet. 

June 23, 2012

All fear can be used for your benefit when you recognize and embrace its purpose for showing up in your physical life experience. In other words, fear itself is not based on Ultimate Reality. Fear would indicate that it is possible for something to happen to your being or for you in some way to be harmed. Since you are an eternal spiritual being, the entire notion is false.

Its purpose is to cause you to become more or expand. It would help if you first recognized the fear is not real and simply alert you to some area of your physical life experience where you desire more self-realization. As you contemplate this more, awareness shows up.


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