Blaming others never aids evolution

June 22, 2023

Blaming others never aids evolution. We mean your evolution and your world, for they are the same. Every soul is born onto the physical plane at a time that would serve their evolution and that of your planet. You chose to live during a time of restructuring or significant change in your world, and you cannot make the contribution you intended if you continue to blame others for your life experience. Blame and empowerment do not coexist.

We have also said the United States would lead the way in this transition. The recent events will reveal what we meant for you and will witness all manner of blame being used to explain the current conditions of your world. Still, you each contribute equally, and your contribution will make the most significant difference when you decide to love yourself, appreciate your accomplishments, and give up using blame to explain your life now. 

You have all you need to change this condition for yourself, and we provided a message on this date ten years ago, and as you study your life and world, you will utilize its wisdom to your benefit. 

June 22, 2013

Every unhappiness you are experiencing in your physical life is your fault. That statement was meant to shock you and get your attention. It is not necessarily to assign blame but for you to actually accept responsibility.

You may argue that your unhappiness is caused by another, a particular situation, or something that has happened to you. The fact is, no matter what it is, you can change it. 

If you continue to give away that responsibility to another, you have no choice or ability to change it. When you accept it as your fault, as it were, now you also regain your power. The choices you currently have are to either change your perception so that you no longer have the feeling of unhappiness or take some physical actions to change the direction of your life experience.

It is also important to remember that in this process, you will continually confront the tendency to shift blame to something else, throwing you off your desired course of action.


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