No one was needed more than you

June 24, 2023

No one was needed more than you. This message will reveal everything we wanted you to understand and accept, for it is why you decided to be alive while restructuring your planet.

The message we provided on this date in 2012 is the one we wanted you to accept, for then you will make your intended contribution to your evolution and the ascension of your planet. 

We know how essential your existence at this time would be to the evolution of all that is. Still, it typically takes you a bit longer to recognize it within yourself, which is why we have given you information years apart to allow your consciousness to embrace your essence more, and the following message will aid our mission and yours. 

June 24, 2012

All you are ever attempting to become while on your physical life journey is you. The irony is that many souls do not honestly know this until they leave physical form. The journey is much more fulfilling and rewarding when you attempt to see this while on your own path.

You may use examples of or emulate others as motivation or inspiration, but the end goal is merely to be the authentic you.

You experience difficulty with this premise when you begin to believe that one particular soul is more important than the other. You are all the same. 


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