You have never failed

June 21, 2023

You have never failed. You might have believed that some of your previous circumstances, situations, and actions in your life were some type of failure; it was only a misunderstanding on your part because you were in the process of becoming more. It is the only manner you or any other soul can evolve, which is also valid for your world.

You are moving through a restructuring, and the energies of your planet might have caused you to lose your way momentarily. Still, when you read the message we provided in 2012 and apply it to your life today, your wisdom and knowledge now will have you forgive yourself for holding thoughts of failure. 

June 21, 2012

Failure does not exist and therefore is not real. The only place where the idea of failure exists is in your own thinking. It only exists there because you held particular expectations or outcomes about what you desired to occur when you attempted whatever you wanted to accomplish. It is not possible for you to have that awareness before you begin.

Many times, or most times, the awareness of the precise benefit or greater awareness you gained from whatever it was, shows up years later in your chronological time. There is even more awareness that shows up when you leave physical form.

When you make an honest effort to accept this, you discover more of your eternal peace while in physical form.


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