You have always known

June 18, 2023

You have always known. You come to the physical plane with a blueprint within you for your evolvement, so you might also contribute the experience of your life to aid the evolution of all that is. No soul is left out of this equation, and you come to understand and accept your importance when it serves your journey and that of your world.

We have said you are moving through a restructuring of yourself and the world, and what you have known about yourself has been in your subconscious, and raising your consciousness has those ideas emerge. You are the one who then takes hold of it and decides to create the life you want, and when you connect to that authentic part of you, you connect to Source, God, all that is, or the deity you know as being more than yourself.

We have guided you on specific days, and we did so on this date ten years ago, so you might accept what we will give you later today in our live conversation. 

June 18, 2013

Forgiveness is always an inside job, meaning it is most effective when you decide to give it to yourself. Anything that occurs in your physical life experience where you think you need to forgive another is actually your current limited awareness and lack of understanding. No one ever does anything “wrong” to you, but they all offer you something for you to gain.

Whatever the situation, incident, or occurrence was, it had meaning and value for you, but you had not yet understood it. When you grant that forgiveness to yourself, any animosity is released, and you allow your awareness to gain that wisdom and knowledge.

You always know when this has occurred because you experience peace, and your actions and thoughts return to your loving, benevolent nature.


Sunday June 18th for the New Moon. “Your life purpose will at last be revealed to you!”
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