Your life was never a mistake

June 17, 2023

Your life was never a mistake. And we also mean anything you might have done in your past that you labeled an error and anything that is before you now that you believe might be a mistake. Those thoughts are limitations you have held, which is also the reason for our live conversation tomorrow.

Every soul is born onto the physical plane at the perfect time in their evolutionary journey and at the right time trajectory of your planet. You chose to live during the restructuring of your world, which is the most critical lifetime you will have, and it means your contribution is immeasurable. 

You are in a state of continual evolution. That process will always involve gaining greater awareness of who you are, and that could only be accomplished through the experiences you have had and the circumstances you allowed yourself to be in. All of them were meaningful for you and your world, and it is that you only come to recognize that later in your life. We have been guiding you to remember it now.

Our messenger believed he made a mistake in the description of our talk tomorrow, as a friend pointed it out, but he will see that was not a mistake either. We offered him an experience to move beyond his belief in mistakes, shame, and embarrassment to recognize that everything is a growth in consciousness, especially when you can stop judging yourself. 

You will also notice you stop judging others as much, and your role in this planetary ascension will be heightened. You will understand more tomorrow, but you will be fine.


Sunday June 18th for the New Moon. “Your life purpose will at last be revealed to you!”
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