The right time is now

June 19, 2023

The right time is now. Every soul comes to the world with a blueprint within them they can use to develop the life they want to have and continue their evolution. That continuation allows that person to evolve and to the planet’s ascension. You are that person.

But many times, you wait for that right time, and we have said it is here now because you chose to live during a consequential time in your world, which means what you possess can make a difference in the world when you decide the time to love yourself is now and then do what it is you came to offer your world. 

We gave you a message on this date in 2012 that will make sense to you now, and if you take us at our word, you will manifest the life you want, and your world will benefit from your existence. That has been the intent of our ascension guide. 

June 19, 2012

Everything always shows up at the right time. Right, as it is being used here, means it helps your expansion or evolvement in some manner. This is not something that you can sit and try and figure out intellectually; however, it is something that you can begin to accept emotionally and spiritually.

When you do make an effort to accept this, you also invite a very different experience of peace into your life. As with most of your experiences, it is easier to observe this after events have passed; but that is purposeful, for it provides you with the proof you seek in knowing that the Divine Plan for your life is unfolding.


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