Say yes to yourself

June 16, 2023

Say yes to yourself. Every soul is born into the world with worth and value implanted within their genetic code, and there are no exceptions to that rule. You are the one who must discover, own, and accept your unique gifts. 

Your actions not only cause you to expand and evolve but so does your world, for all souls contribute to the formation or creation of your world. It all depends on how much you decide to love yourself and your life journey, for all of it has been needed at this time of restructuring in your world. 

We gave you a message on this date in 2012, for we knew you might have difficulty accepting your new self due to the rapid changes in your world and the emerging opinions of others that could cause you to doubt yourself. It is also the reason for our live conversation this Sunday. We want you to own your importance and love your journey, for that is the only way you and your world ascend. 

June 16, 2012

Recognizing your inability to say no at times can provide valuable feedback in areas of your expansion that you desire to develop. Those moments where you find yourself unable to say no, you will also find that it is typically motivated by fear.

The fear may be that you will not feel worthy; you will lose something; that others will not value you; or that others will somehow think less of you. It also points out your unwillingness to chart your own course, so to speak, as you guide your physical life experience. None of this is “bad” and can be very beneficial when you decide to use the feedback for your benefit.


Sunday June 18th for the New Moon. “Your life purpose will at last be revealed to you!”
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