You hold all power

June 15, 2023

You hold all power. As we have discussed in previous conversations, the power lies within you. It may be easy this upcoming Sunday to feel like someone else has control over your life, but that is not the case. That is why we are holding a live chat with you. 

You are the one who determines how much power you hold, how you use it, and whether you use it to help or harm others. This idea is at the core of the restructuring of the world that we have spoken about. By revisiting the message we provided in 2012, you can gain a greater understanding of the power you possess. 

You must cultivate and use it for good, making you feel good as you have connected with and owned your authentic self. And that will help you love yourself. Our ultimate goal is for you to achieve this.

June 15, 2012

Your thinking guides, directs, and shapes your physical life experience. You have free will of choice to decide where you would like your thinking to lead you, even though, at times, that does not feel like the reality. 

It would be helpful to remember that it is not as important where you allow your thinking to take you, but it is of utmost importance where you allow your thinking to stay.

In other words, your thinking may take you to some very unsavory places, and that is purposeful. It is intentional because you need to have a contrast of things to decide where you desire your life experience to go. That is indeed true power.


Sunday June 18th for the New Moon. “Your life purpose will at last be revealed to you!”
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