You never win

February 19, 2022

You never win. We wanted to capture your attention with that title, and now that we have, we do not want you to become alarmed but understand. You never win because there was never a fight, and the only battle was within. 

You each are born with everything you could need to live a successful, happy life experience, but along the way, you begin to form other beliefs, and they halt your progression as well as that of your world. You are the only one who ever held yourself back, and you did that by accepting beliefs of inadequacy and inferiority. 

You are alive now because you want to experience the restructuring of your world to come to believe in yourself more, for that is the only challenge you encounter on your human life journey. When you foster your belief in not being enough, it will permeate the collective experience that manifests the world you see today.

We recently asked Roger not to see any world events before visiting with us because he has fought himself due to his lack of belief, as you might have. Yesterday when he found further verification of the information we had given him in 2012, he felt more of his confidence and self-acceptance. Then we told him to record a video and send a second broadcast yesterday because it was shocking to him that he missed what he had been given, and that is the entire point of the lives of you all. 

In Your Life Operating Instructions, we began with the idea of infinite intelligence because we knew that concept would be helpful for you now. You each have access to all that is in your world when you decide to acknowledge and accept your gift. Your world events will allow you to make that choice soon. 
You will begin to win now when you give up the fight of being yourself, which is the only work we offer. We have had Roger speak on the course price because humans equate worth with money. After all, it is a system you made up. But when you don’t recognize your inherent and innate worth and value, you cannot allow yourself to receive. Now he has seen the value, as will you if you decide it is there, and we will help, and you will be fine.  

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