Your progress in consciousness is incremental

May 19, 2023

Your progress in consciousness is incremental. You are an eternal spiritual being, and the things you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime are before you now. 

You might have felt anxious about accomplishing certain things and thought you might have been behind or lacked time. You do not. If you take the message we provided in 2012 and apply it to your life today, you will make far better use of it now as you might not have understood it the first time, and this is why your mindset will be vital at this time.

It is also why we are holding our live conversation today. You stand at a pivotal place in your life and your planetary ascension.

May 19, 2012

You always get it done, is a mental attitude that, when you hold it as you begin anything, yields magnificent results. When you hold the mental idea that there is never enough time, your experiences become difficult, and you continually create that reality in your life.

As you sit now, you can examine past events to find full evidence of this; even things that were not completed by some arbitrary date or time you or others made up, the result was that you gained something from the entire experience, which was for your highest good. 

In actuality, anything you do not accomplish in your time frame is done in the time frame of the Universe.


Please join us for a Channeling Session! “The New Moon – It is time for you to fulfill your life purpose – a Wilhelm conversation.”
Friday, May 19, 2023, 9 AM PST

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