Your new life awaits your arrival

May 20, 2023

Your new life awaits your arrival. You were born with a blueprint within you that if you were to own it, you would live the life you intended and contribute to the world your gifts. 

No one is left out of that equation, but it depends on how much you will accept and how much you will believe. Many could not believe the changes occurring in your world, but they are happening for you to decide to take the next step into ownership of your life and add your light and love to the world.

We discussed the new moon in our conversation with you yesterday. We had enough foresight to give you a message in 2012 on this date, so you might take the time to decide the life and world you want to manifest, for the power to do so is always in your hands but requires you to take action to bring it to fruition. You have been blessed with genius within you.

May 20, 2012

You have periods during your physical life experience where you feel abandoned. These periods are purposeful and ordered up by you, so you might have those periods of solitude to find, recognize, and own your strength.

When you view these periods in this manner, you will also come to value them and use them better. You never intended to feel dependent on anything in the physical world, so having moments where you think some of this is taken from you allows you to connect with your true source.

Seek to know how you desire to evolve during these precious times continually.


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