You are accelerating rapidly

May 13, 2023

You are accelerating rapidly. The last few years might have felt different to you, and many of you have commented that time was moving too quickly and you couldn’t believe you had even reached this month. It was all purposeful, which also caused you to contemplate your mortality.

While in physical form, you hold that fear even though you never die, in terms you imagine. But you can tend to rush yourselves to get something done, especially when you believe you don’t have much time. You do. We knew you might be at this place during your planetary ascension, so we provided guidance in 2012 that would do well to contemplate now.

May 13, 2012

Take your time in anything you attempt to do, be, accomplish or have. This advice is so important because when you take your time, you can savor the moment and enjoy the experience as you intended. Another reason is that when you rush to get anything done, you may inadvertently be reacting to some fear, whether hidden or apparent.

Your reaction to that fear is actually giving energy to what you fear and causing it to manifest or occur. When you decide to take your time, you are also knowingly or unknowingly deciding to trust your particular adventure, and that trust causes whatever you are doing to flourish.


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