You can never find yourself

May 12, 2023

You can never find yourself. That premise is false because you are an eternal spiritual being, so you never end, and you are limitless.

You do choose incarnations, however, where you complete a particular portion of yourself, which you are doing now. And you decided this incarnation because your presence is so essential to the ascension of your planet. 

We gave you a message a year ago on this date because we like using synchronistic dates so you understand the ascension process. You don’t do it all at once; you accept yourself a bit at a time. There is always more for you to become, but this time in your life is the time you want to accomplish your goal of loving who you are.

The following message might make more sense today.

May 12, 2022

Decide who you want to be today. The energy of you deciding who you desire to be is so powerful that it will have the cumulative ability to shift your world in the way you intended. 

You are in the world now to experience this restructuring to aid its progression by becoming willing to acknowledge who you are, love yourself, and own what you desire to do in this lifetime. You have something incomplete, something you have denied, something you had that you didn’t believe you could have accomplished, and now you can. And we would like for you to own that energy and yourself. 


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