You are not done yet

May 14, 2023

You are not done yet. If you are still in physical form, it means there is more you can accomplish to enrich your life experience or expansion. It also means it is far more critical for you to do so now during your planetary ascension.

We know our messages might have confused you, as the global conditions might have done the same, but that is why you are alive. If you do it now, you hold something within you that could aid your evolution and that of your world, for you are creating a new world through your thoughts and actions and what you choose to create now.

We gave you guidance in 2012 that you can utilize now. Please do not underestimate the importance of what you came to the world to offer. 

May 14, 2012

Keep seeking your vision. At first, that statement may seem a bit odd to you, but as you attempt to understand it, the relevance to your physical life experience will become apparent. Vision not only refers to what you find with your physical eyes, but it comes to you in many different forms and through all your physical senses.

Sometimes your vision will be clear because of how you feel emotionally. Other times it will appear to you in the form of what you consider to be instinct. Sometimes, your physical vision will spark something that causes you to experience inner vision. In any of those scenarios, the purpose is always to lead you to greater expansion.


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