You are manifesting a new life and world

May 11, 2023

You are manifesting a new life and world. You accomplish both in the same way. You do so by how much you are willing to love and accept yourself and how much of your past you are eager to release.

No person holds more ability than you to accomplish this task because it was implanted within you at your birth. What you are meant to do in your physical life experience is chart your path to success with your positive thoughts about yourself, and your world, in turn, will do the same. Everything you create or manifest in your life and world is done energetically. 

The challenge you are having now is due to the generational nature of this shift in your world which we have called your restructuring. We also said the United States would lead the way, and you will witness more of that in the coming weeks. You cannot change anything you are unwilling to see or change within yourself or your world. Your awareness of this fact will have you traverse the coming weeks more easily. 

Our guidance has always been to have you remember the brilliance within you and to release your false thoughts of past failures, grievances, and regrets, most of which you brought in with you, as have many in your world. When you refuse to move past them, you create more chaos in your life and world.

Your only job is to take the next step in front of you that would have you manifest something in your life that provides you with joy, for then you love yourself, and again your world will notice your example and the title of this message will make sense, and you will accomplish both goals. 


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