You know more now

May 10, 2023

You know more now. When you are born, you have little conscious awareness of who you might become or what world you will find. You chose to be alive at the perfect time to participate in restructuring your life and your world.

We said you were moving through this transition so you and the world would ascend to higher consciousness and awareness. You will accomplish both goals when you recognize and own your importance and what you have gained through all your travels. You will aid yourself and your world when you release your self-judgment. You are all finding your way. 

Our ascension guide’s message on this date will help you today. 

May 10, 2012

Knowing is indeed a destination and the one which you always desire to arrive. It is a state of knowing. When you are in that state, you experience complete wholeness and peace, for you trust all that is occurring in your physical life experience, knowing it is leading you always to expansion as you intended.

When you hold this state of knowing, even in situations and circumstances that you call difficult, you know they will pass, and you end up with greater awareness, knowledge, and wisdom. When you seek to find this state of understanding in your every moment of now, you also allow your innate abilities to come through, and you create.


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