Ignorance is systemic

February 18, 2022

Ignorance is systemic. Please study the definitions of both words and put them together. You were born into the world in a state of ignorance. But because many in your world have taken the word ignorant and added a negative connotation, you have difficulty accepting your ignorance. That act causes your life experience to be more challenging, and it has caused you to experience more fear during this restructuring of your world. 

 You each are born with gifts to offer the world that would allow you to live magnificent lives. Because you don’t want to be seen as ignorant, or you don’t accept some current version of reality, you inadvertently label yourself as ignorant. And due to that mindset you have adopted, you have not recognized the opportunity before you now. 

We know this might be confusing, and it has been that for Roger, which is why he has difficulty acknowledging his ignorance. We have spoken of it often to allow him to move over his obstacle and to inspire you.  When we said we gave you everything you needed to know in 2012, his disbelief was more significant than most. Still, he also knows his purpose is to express that disbelief to aid you all as you move into new parts of yourself of which you have been ignorant. That is why we titled our live conversation on Monday in the way we did, and again that is something Roger never knows in advance as you did not know what you held within you, of which you were ignorant, that you intended to actualize now. 

You will witness revelations in your world in the coming months of which many of you were ignorant. You want to see them because the entire purpose of your life was to actualize your potential now that you have been ignoring your whole life, and those events will allow you to do so.

But please know when you decide to accept your importance, intelligence, and why you are here now, you will evolve, and so will your world. The thing in front of you that you doubted is before you now and meant to be awakened. When you can embrace and acknowledge your prior ignorance without regret, you will be fine.  

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