Your plan is unfolding now

February 17, 2022

Your plan is unfolding now. We are speaking of the plan you held for your life and that of your world. We told you that you would approach a time during your restructuring where you would choose who you wanted to be, and that time is coming. 

We even told Roger to prepare by holding a channeling session to help you accept your new life, for that it will be if you make that decision. You have always had free will, but now you will also develop confidence and courage to utilize it more in your evolution. You will reread this message in its entirety for enlightenment. You will not miss its wisdom. 

We said it in that manner because we also gave you this guidance through our program Roger downloaded in 2012. We will post a bit of it here, for you will choose whether or not you will actualize your plan, which will become that of your world, and you are the only one who can choose for yourself.

If you utilize the information we give you now and remember to love yourself throughout all the events of your world, you will be fine. 

January 4, 2012
Communication is always available for you when you decide to pay attention. That communication, most times, feel like you speaking to you. In essence, that is always the case, even when you are engaged in a conversation with another.

The trick here is to hear that communication, decide if what you are hearing is leading you to what you desire to create and manifest in your life experience or not.
You have gained enough knowledge and wisdom to know always what you need to do to create the experience you desire. But you can also pretend not to hear that communication. When you decide to listen, your journey is much more enjoyable. 


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