You might have seen your purpose

February 14, 2022

You might have seen your purpose. In this message, we are reverting to using the collective you and the individual you, and finding your place in the mix will be your job.

We have said you are moving through a restructuring in your world, which is why you wanted to be alive now. The purpose of your life and that of your world is always to evolve and become more. You also must be willing to envision what you desire to manifest. 

Yesterday we used the event of the Super Bowl to make a point. Many watch this event in your world, and what the masses witness will inadvertently embody in some manner. You notice the results of that in your world now, especially with the utilization of technology and social media. We told Roger to urge you to watch the event to see healing occurring.

If you did watch, you saw a coming together. There was an intentional envisioning of the world you wanted to manifest. And you were shown in the commercials for what you saw was every person, gender, ideology, expression, body type, age, ethnicity displayed equally. 

We wanted you to notice, for you must also notice and become willing to embrace what you contemplated for your life, and that is now your restructuring. If you decide to envision it now, you will manifest that for yourself and your world, which was the purpose you might have seen. 

Please reread this message, for yes, it is one of ours that will require your contemplation for acceptance and understanding, and you will be fine.  


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