We told you the experiences of shame and embarrassment would be helpful now

February 15, 2022

We told you the experiences of shame and embarrassment would be helpful now. We know that is a long title, but it is also purposeful, and each of you will understand it as it relates to your life journey and your desire to expand and evolve. You are in the world now to expand and evolve, and when you experience any form of shame or embarrassment, you temporarily forget who you are. You are an eternal spiritual being. You are using this lifetime to come to know the true nature of your being, which is unlimited, so those experiences then are illusions you allow yourself to have so you might move through them. Roger’s experience of shame and embarrassment arises when he reviews the information we gave you all that would aid you in moving through this period.

He questions why he didn’t know that and why he can’t convince others of its value and importance, and then he experiences regret, which we also warned about in “Your Life Operating Instructions.” You were meant to recognize that you have within you everything you need to perform your role in restructuring your life and your world. When Roger awakened, he could feel his level of embarrassment, and we told him to find a message we gave you then because we knew it would be helpful now. You are to apply it to your life now, and you will be fine. 

 February 11, 2012

You judge yourself so harshly because you desire to become more. You will inevitably find yourself judging yourself as you move through your physical life experience. When this occurs, and you decide to notice it, you would do well to try and hold the thought about the process of evolving. This act will produce different results than simply judging yourself with no useful purpose in mind. 

When you recognize that everything you do is an effort to expand, then even your judging you will become useful. You will notice your judging in different forms, including shame, embarrassment, and guilt. Decide to reframe them all. 




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