It is your time to win

February 13, 2022

It is your time to win. Please stay with this message, for it is long, and it is meant for you specifically or would not be reading our words. You have never been in an accidental place in your life, but only unknown places that you come to understand later, as you might do with this message. 

You were born to accomplish something in your life, and it is before you now, but your doubt has held you back previously. Your lack of awareness of your worth and value has continued for so long in your life that you find it challenging to fathom that this would be the time for you to win. Yet you will if you can find belief within yourself, for that has always been your struggle, but because you are here during the restructuring of your world, the tides have turned in your favor if you allow yourself to ride them.

When we use the word win, it is done so figuratively because each of you had already won when you were born. But you spend your life uncovering your gift, for it is there. You may have missed it due to the judgment you’ve held about yourself and your life experiences. We will give you an example through Roger again, for as we always say in our live conversations, we go to great lengths to enable you to awaken to your genius. As we told Roger, the only intention of our program was to allow each of you to awaken your genius, but first, we had to convince him, which we have now done.

Yesterday, Roger had a significant dilemma: did he have enough time to go to the grocery store before his next client? We told him to hurry and do it now, and as he’s in the store, a man approaches and asks if it was Roger? When Roger answered in the affirmative, the person told Roger that this was one of his best friends from New York that he had not seen or spoken to since 1980. 

After a pleasant conversation and an agreement to catch up, Roger noticed he was uncomfortable for reasons he could not name. Another friend later questioned why Roger would seek to know more about his uncomfortableness. Still, he knows through our work that there is always more, and you never have accidental incidents.

After some time alone, we reminded him of it all as he forgets, as many of you do. Roger held guilt about his entire experience in New York and this friend. He had a business that was meant to provide so many opportunities for others but did not succeed due to his agreement with a financial investor who misled Roger. Roger gave up everything he owned, including his home, to save the business, but it failed. Still, the public did not know that, so Roger carried the guilt and the perceived judgment of others. 

Years later, he did something similar, and again he thought he might have failed, for again, he opened an enormous place to provide more to others. Due to the economic collapse in your world at that time, this business failed as well. The public did not know this was out of his hands. But Roger carried the guilt along with shame and could not allow himself to prosper due to his interpretation of those events. 

We told him that what he has now will not fail, for it is the right time, and he’s doing what is right for him on his evolutionary journey, and it is in alignment with the significant shift occurring in your world. He then remembered what he had invested in his acquired wisdom and knowledge when we had him review all of this. He even saw the results of that with the current program participants; he still struggled with the amount he was charging, knowing full well that what he has could garner thousands of dollars from so many, but as in all of his other ventures, he wanted more for all. 

Yesterday, we showed him someone doing similar work and charging monthly almost three times the amount for their program, and Roger had to question his choice. We brought you to this point in the story, for this is where you are in your life, and it will be up to you to know it is your time to win. You will come to know your worth and value if you first accept now how valuable you have become due to the life you have led. You will all be fine.  


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