Understanding and accepting this message will change your life and world

April 15, 2023

Understanding and accepting this message will change your life and world. That has always been our intention, but you are at a crucial time in your ascension and that of your planet. 

You will note that our timing was perfect, as is yours. We remind you of what you have known but may not fully embrace. It is impossible for you to live your best life or contribute to your world without accepting this message we provided in 2012. Your journey was meant to be unique and valuable; that is who you are. 

April 15, 2012

Your uniqueness, or individuality, is what you desire to celebrate, own, and contribute when you come onto the physical plane. Many times, however, you have sought conformity or what you think is normal, which is in stark contrast to your original intention.

You knew that contributing your uniqueness would make the most significant impact not only to your expansion but to all that is. You would do well then to seek to fully know, own, accept, and celebrate every element of you that is different and unique.

You can offer no more excellent gift; it is your most assured path to happiness and joy while on your journey.


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