Here is what you want to remember

April 14, 2023

Here is what you want to remember. You and your world have been accelerating rapidly in your ascension, and you might not have retained some of the principles of who you are and why you have a physical life experience.

When you visit what we gave you ten years ago, you will note how it applies to you and your world now. You have everything you need, and we are reminding you. 

April 14, 2012

Everything you desire is already manifest, available, and merely waiting for you to claim it. This principle is a realization that you will continually come to as you move through your physical life experience. Nothing is placed outside of your reach or capability except in your thinking.

Others will only see or feel your talents, gifts, and abilities once you first feel, see, and own them. This notion is indeed the process of expansion or evolving. As you begin to recognize more and more that is what you are up to, it becomes your new moment of now reality. Rejoice in this.


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