You only feel insecure when you refuse to embody your authentic self

April 16, 2023

You only feel insecure when you refuse to embody your authentic self. You were born with gifts within you that, when you move toward them, will cause you to become the empowered person you are.

You might have found that prospect more challenging recently due to your planetary ascension, which we have called your restructuring. And we guided you and did so on specific days to help you remember and embrace your divine plan. We did so on this date in 2012. You will feel more secure and less fearful when you heed its guidance. 

April 16, 2012

You will never feel wholly secure as long as you are in physical form, which is good. Your intention while on your physical life journey was to expand continually. For you to feel motivated enough to accomplish this, insecurity will show up to perform that function.

When you understand this concept more thoroughly, you will relinquish your self-judgment of those moments of insecurity. Insecurity means that you feel that something is not complete or missing. This condition is never the case; however, the process is purposeful for your goals to be fulfilled.

You begin to notice that this is all cyclical and meaningful.


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