Please choose the life you want

April 13, 2023 

Please choose the life you want. That is always your choice when you decide to become your authentic self. It only sometimes seems that making that choice would be in your best interest due to the life you might have lived, but that is where you have failed to find the value of who you are.

You were born to follow a unique life journey that would cause you to live a magnificent life, but you also add the energy of light and love to your world, which is needed now, so we are asking you to choose yourself.

We gave you guidance on this date; if you follow it, you will soon experience the results. None of you believe yourselves fully and carry doubt about your ability to make a considerable contribution which our messenger doubted as well, but now has the results of the work we provided in a ten-minute video on his Linktree. We were hoping you could believe in yourself, our only intention. 

April 13, 2012

You would do well to choose your priorities by what you believe will lead to your greatest expansion, what you enjoy the most, and what you think will make the most significant contribution to all others as well. Priorities, as it is being used here, refer to what you choose to do, be, have, or create. Anything then is within the realm of possibility, but that does not necessarily mean that all are worth your time and effort based on the result you desire to receive.

This process will allow you to clarify your current life path and move from any momentary place of procrastination. This process is how you chart the adventure you have always intended to experience.


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