No one has ever taken your freedom

February 12, 2022

No one has ever taken your freedom. Today’s message comes in two parts, and we did that intentionally to cause more of you to believe in your reason for being alive now and how you will aid the restructuring of your world.

Yesterday we had Roger channel our words which we will attach here as you may also subscribe to our YouTube channel, which we would also like Roger to utilize more. Then we had him notice all the disruptions around the world with those fighting for their freedom. The struggle for freedom and power has always been misguided. That is why you are alive now to shift the balance, and you are doing so for the reasons we placed in the recording. 

Since humans have existed, some of you believed that exerting power over another or holding another in bondage would cause you to experience more control and freedom when it produces precisely the opposite effect. You will witness in your world a reversal of fortunes, so to speak, but the battle now will be within you as it always has been. You will be fine. 

Here’s the recording:


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