The truth of you was needed now

April 12, 2023

The truth of you was needed now. We were hoping you could consider that phrase at this time in your life and during the restructuring of your world. You only know your importance once you begin to feel the truth within you, which is your authentic self. 

You always hold doubt as you move through your physical life experience, which would be heightened at this time of your planetary ascension. We gave you a message on this date ten years ago, which is still challenging for many of you, including our messenger, to accept. 

You each will begin to discover aspects of yourselves you had not considered, but usually, it was because you didn’t know your importance. Now you will. The truth of you and every soul is invaluable.  

April 12, 2013

Your truth is valuable, will always be underestimated by you, and is never static as long as you are in physical form. Truth is what you have come to believe is true about your human experience. You form this truth through your experiences. Your truth is not developed through intellectual learning, for that does provide you with knowledge, but truth gained through experiences provides you with wisdom.

Since what has now become your truth is known to you, it does not seem so valuable because you take it for granted, which is why you underestimate it. Your truth constantly changes as you have more experiences, which is why it is never static. 

When you attempt to notice the value of your truth, you will be inspired to give it away to receive even more. 


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