Today is when you want to remember your goals

April 9, 2023

Today is when you want to remember your goals. You each come to the world with something of value, but at times it requires recognition in different ways to remember them and decide it is time to offer your gift and essence to your world. Many of those remembrances are occurring today globally. 

When you honor your desires and ask for them to be fulfilled, you add light and love to yourself and your world, and the restructuring of your life and earth will be fulfilled. Now you know why we planned our chat with you today. You will understand our message from 2012.

April 9, 2012

When you can attach a reason or intention to any goal you desire to achieve and how you think it directly relates or contributes to your expansion, you will have a much easier time and a more pleasurable journey.

While that lengthy statement may confuse you, the more you study it, the more its truth will be evident. Remembering the operative word think in the statement is also essential. What you think now is limited; however, your current moment reality is crucial to your continuing expansion.

This principle also gives you the notion that, ultimately, what will be delivered can be much greater than what you think now.


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