You didn’t know who you could become

April 10, 2023

You didn’t know who you could become. None of you know that when you are born, but it emerges as you live. It is then up to you to embrace what appears because you each have a divine plan and a gift within to develop and offer yourself and the world.

We guided you on this date in 2012 when we wanted you to understand and accept this transition. You are meant to bring in your new earth, which is the guidance we provided and why we gave you further advice in our live talk yesterday. We want you to thrive. 

April 10, 2012

You always receive what you ask for; however, the form in which it manifests may differ from what you had previously thought. You are often focused on the specific form you expected to manifest and therefore do not notice you have received your desire. Because of this, you cannot express your gratitude which would cause even more of that to manifest.

All of this is to say that you would do well to broaden your vision, thinking, and flexibility. When you do this, you will notice all those manifestations of precisely what you desired have miraculously been delivered.


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