Everyone was needed, especially you

April 8, 2023

Everyone was needed, especially you. You exist at a time of significant change in your world, and you decided to do so to offer your essence and unique gift. While the global events might have been frightful to many, it holds the most incredible opportunity for you. 

When you decide to become your best self and move through any limiting ideas or beliefs that have prevented you from reaching your full potential and prospering, you will contribute to manifesting a beautiful life for yourself and your world, for we know what you hold inside.

We began providing specific guidance for this time in your world in 2012. We did it on particular dates to help you remember your importance, especially today. We are preparing you for the momentous day tomorrow, which is also the reason for our live chat with you. 

As you examine your life and world today, the message we provided in 2012 will aid your understanding tomorrow.

April 8, 2012

The only thing you ever celebrate is oneness. You, as it is being used here, refers to the collective you or mass consciousness. Every single celebration that you experience has only the celebration of oneness in common.

You will all come to celebrations with many different ideas, viewpoints, or reasons for the celebration, so in that sense, you experience only oneness. When you choose to remember that you are all one, you can better facilitate the expansion of all. When you remember you are all one, there is no war, discrimination, judgment, or prejudice, for you understand that any of them would only be directed at you.


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