You have only had one goal in your life

February 11, 2022

You have only had one goal in your life. When you were born, that goal was implanted within you, and you move through your life, having experiences that provide you with glimpses of your original destination. And your job was to notice those glimpses and decide to accept them as guidance and direction.

But you could not always do that because your intention was also to evolve, and you can only accomplish that when you allow your consciousness to expand to a greater understanding of yourself and your world. You decided to be here now to experience this restructuring because you knew it would occur at an accelerated pace that would cause the most significant impact on your evolutionary journey.

Your main challenge has been self-belief. We have continually spoken of 2012, for it gives you a human marker that you might better understand the progression of your world. We gave you “Your Life Operating Instructions,” which holds the single intention of what we had Roger discover recently, which was written in 2013, and that was the beginning of his book “Becoming You.”

You typically accept yourself gradually, and putting linear time in place for your recognition always helps. This time in your world will require you to own and accept every aspect of yourself and every experience you have had, for they have caused you to become more valuable now. 

The only goal you had in your life was self-acceptance which is the same as self-actualization or becoming yourself. That is the sole intention we held for any of you, and all our work was to that end. You are doing that now, and you will be fine.  


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