We wanted you to love yourself and prosper

April 7, 2023

We wanted you to love yourself and prosper. We have said you exist at a time in your world of restructuring. Many did not understand what was occurring and why there was so much fear and division. It was to help you ascend. You will achieve both goals in the title of this message when you allow yourself to become who you were meant to become, which is your authentic self. 

We said our program was an ascension guide. Still, many of you could not hear us because you are moving through generational biases and judgments you intended to release now so that you might live an extraordinary life.

As you think of it, you exist in your consciousness or mindset, and you gain greater awareness as you let go of your resistance to receiving. None of you know who you could become when you enter physical existence, but it is always for a great reason. It is for you to ascend to a higher level of understanding and acceptance of your importance, which is the work we provided. 

We had our messenger find a recording of a session we held almost a year ago, but you might hear the information today, for today is also a day of galactic change you can use to your advantage. We will also give you more in our live conversation this Sunday, where we will answer more of your questions and concerns. We did not accidentally plan it on your Easter, and you are not here accidentally.

In 2000, our messenger recorded two songs, “Angel in Disguise,” and “Help the World to Mend.” We had him write a book in 2019 called “Overcoming Fear – a Guide to Freedom.” You can find it all online. As you listen to the recording of the channeling session, you will understand why you have understood many of our words, but it is also time for you to act upon them in your life, for the world needs your essence. 


Here’s that recording

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