Your results will be better

February 10, 2022

Your results will be better. We would like you to take this message personally, for that is why you are alive now. It is no secret that your world is changing, but you might want to consider you wanted to experience this restructuring for your reasons. There is something on your path to the evolution you sought before you now.

It will appear to many of you that your world is splitting apart further, but that is what you wanted to see, so you might make a choice we said you would, and it will be before you. But it will require you to hold yourself in higher esteem, so your essence is felt more in your world. You have the ability now to fulfill your goal as the change desired in your world is held within you.

We have said your world has done this many times, which was the only way to produce the world you experience now. When these changes occur, those who have held a belief that their existence was more important than the lives of others relinquish that illusion of control. Then those who believed in the power of others over their life experiences become more willing to accept the power they previously yielded. 

We will leave it to you to find yourself in this equation which is why it seems somewhat cryptic, but you will achieve your goal soon because the coming changes in your world will require you to hold to the vision of the world you wanted firmly and your result and that of your world will be better. You will be fine. 



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