You are creating your legacy now

February 9, 2022

You are creating your legacy now. We gave you a message in “Your Life Operating Instructions” that would aid each of you now. You might believe that the challenges you might be experiencing are due to the world conditions, but they are due to you.

You decided to be born to fulfill your purpose, which will be your legacy. We said a while ago that you would choose who you wanted to be, and this message will aid you, and Roger will own it for himself and explain it to all in the workshop today. If you remember your life is about your expansion, you will be fine. 

“Your story is unique and valuable. It is unique because no other soul shares precisely your story. It holds the utmost value for you. Your story is comprised of everything your past holds, including all that has occurred for you, happened to you, everything you have done, every person you have met, and every word you have spoken. All of it has been and always will be perfect.

Your only “job” then is to seek to know the perfection of your story. Any aspect of your particular story that you attempt to ignore, dismiss, or judge, will cause you to experience some difficulty because you are refusing to receive the information and wisdom that your story holds.”


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