Make your vision much bigger

February 8, 2022

Make your vision much larger. Please study those words again, for you are sitting in place in your life that if you were to decide to believe that the dream you held for your life was real, you now have available energy at your fingertips to aid your journey. That condition has occurred due to the restructuring of your world. But again, it is about you, for you are your world. We love those confusing sentences, for you eventually come to know the truth of them.

We have operated with Roger in this manner for decades. Now because he has had so much proof, he is more willing to trust us, which is why we had the message about trust on the screen of the last channeling session, which he will send to all later today, for he is learning to trust the conditions and go with the flow which would be best for you all at this time. 

We want to make this clearer. Roger tried to send it yesterday, but his assistant had to go to the hospital with his mother, and Roger accepted that as a sign that our timing might be better than his at this time, which will be valid for you if you listen to your intuition.  

We had him record a video yesterday, which he will send at the same time for it is in preparation for a presentation he will give tomorrow with his associate. It will offer more explanation of how each of you progresses through your life journey. You will discover that you will continually surprise yourself as has occurred with Roger, for there has been too much evidence to think the contrary. 

Your vision at this time in your restructuring is ripe for its manifestation. Still, it will require you to release the disbelief you have carried a significant portion of your life. But you will also discover how purposeful that was; for now, you will know your innate power when you see things begin to manifest now that you did not believe. You all will be fine. 


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