You are still the solution

March 26, 2023

You are still the solution. As you examine your life and world, the message we provided ten years ago will make sense, and you will also understand the timing of all we have provided.

You have more ability than you ever knew, and now is the time you want to actualize more of it to improve and expand your life and aid in your planet’s ascension. 

March 26, 2013

You are the solution to anything that presents itself as a problem, difficulty, or challenge that shows up in your life, or it would not be there. It might help you to think of all those problems, challenges, or difficulties as puzzles. You then go about putting those pieces together to solve the puzzle. 

The process of solving those things is your expansion. Your expansion will occur when you change your mind or how you perceive what is happening; you become willing to do whatever is required to find a resolution, or you let go of your fear that initially caused you to see any of it as a problem. 

The point is to not defeat yourself by thinking the solution does not exist but instead decide to allow it to be revealed to you, for it is always inherent within any situation. 


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